How the MECCNZ started

In 1980 Allison and I purchased a 1947 Two Door Morris 8 Series E from a member of the Armed Forces living in Trentham.

He was posted away, and had advertised the partly dismantled vehicle for sale. Allison and I were living in a flat in Bell Road, Woburn and had the vehicle stored at Allison’s parents’ place.

At that time I decided to join the Morris 8 Tourer Club of New Zealand based in Christchurch. On receiving the first Club magazine and membership list, I contacted another Wellington based member Roy Salmon by telephone in approximately March 1980. Roy owned a 1938 Series 2 Sedan and over a few conversations, we found that being members of a Christchurch based club was not enough. We had a mutual interest in contacting other people with an interest in Morris vehicles to get together, go for runs and swap parts.

A newspaper advertisement was placed for a meeting of interested parties in April 1980 at Flat 6, 123 Bell Road, Woburn, Lower Hutt.

The minutes of that meeting have not been located but some of the people attending were, from memory, Dave Waters, Roy & Fiona Salmon, Elmar Gailits, Robbie & Liz Taylor, Allison & Shaun McCarthy, and David Payne (apologies if we forgot you, but we have lost the original minutes!) The decision of this meeting was that the interest and numbers were enough to pursue a Wellington based club.

This club would shortly become the Morris 8 Tourer Club of New Zealand, Wellington Branch. A steering committee was appointed to run the club until the inaugural Annual General Meeting, which happened on 8 June 1980.

The Annual General Meeting was held under the banner of the Morris 8 Tourer of New Zealand, Wellington Branch (See minutes republished in
this issue), at 24 Conclusion Street, Ascot Park, Porirua.

In July 1980 the arrangement with the Morris 8 Tourer Club collapsed and the Morris 8 Tourer Club, Wellington Branch held a Special General Meeting on 9 August 1980 when it was decided to continue as a stand alone club.

A new name “Morris Enthusiasts Car Club of New Zealand” was proposed at the Special General Meeting and this name was to be registered with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies. A motion proposing the name ” Lord Nuffield Car Club” was defeated.

The Club logo designed by Mike Meads is the one that we have stuck with since the beginning. Several times we looked at updating this and the motions have been defeated each time.

This club could not exist without the considerable enthusiasm, dedication and commitment of its inaugural members and later members who have kept the Club running with both its motoring and friendship, and have proved to be a very loyal bunch.

Shaun McCarthy, past President, Club Captain, Secretary, Editor, etc.!