On Road From Oamaru
A tale from the Great South Island Tour 2013

On the road from Oamaru
The Morris Club was pushing through
Against the odds and up the grade
Impressive progress was being made.

There goes Rod
And Alison too
But where is Peter?
We haven’t a Klue.

But then to solve this great unknown
There came a call the cell phone
Hey Peter mate, what is so?
“I need some help to make it go”.

Have you figured
What is up?
No no,
I need a breakdown truck.

Peter, Peter, the line is bad
What was that, that you just said?
I don’t care, replied Jane’s dad,
Just bring it down but make it red.

In a flash
A course was plot
Back down the road
To where Pete had got.

Pete’s beside Dolly
Gritting teeth,
Jane’s inside
Reading War and Peace.

The boot is raised
But the bonnet descended
My dear friend Peter
Your examination has been wrong ended!

Pop up the bonnet
We’ll get it sorted
But get out the tools
So we look important.


Soon the problem is clear to the boys
To get motion you must have noise
But under Dolly’s fine blue hood
Her engine sat there deaf and mute.

Soon a cunning plan is hatched
Using Morris Minors closely matched
Taking noise from Rod’s green trolley
The boys could inject it into Dolly.

With her noise deficit refilled
Dolly no longer needs to be pulled
But how to effect this cunning plan?
We have a nurse, not a man.

We have a dental type from south
But Dolly’s script says “nil by mouth”
No, we need a nurse with lots of toys
One accustomed to making noise.

Now come on Jane, put down that book
We need you come and take a look
Bring bed pans and squeaky shoes
Help shock Dolly out of her blues

Soon Dolly was assailed
With noise and din
Until her prescription
Was filled to the brim

Pete, give this a prod
And that a poke
Press the clutch
And pull out the choke.

Now turn the key
And pull the Start
With a bit of luck
Dolly won’t fart.

And then with a roar
Pete was off on his way
Complete with red breakdown truck
For another whole day.