The Blackstone Trophy

The Blackstone Trophy is a silver plated tankard.  The original trophy was donated foundation member, the late Les Blackstone-Angus.  A replacement was donated by the late Shaun McCarthy in 1995 and the original archived.  It is held in the trophy cabinet at the club rooms.

The Blackstone Trophy

The Blackstone Trophy is awarded annually to a member for the best  for the Blackstone Trophy will be forwarded to the Committee for evaluation prior to the AGM. All models from the Nuffield stables will be eligible including Morris, Wolseley and Rily as restoration projects for the Trophy. Restoration projects nominated for the Trophy must be complete. The Committee will select the winning nomination. The winner will be announced at the AGM. Award of the Blackstone Trophy will not preclude award of any other club trophy. The Committee’s decision will be final.

Each recipient will hold the trophy for approximately one year then return it in good condition to the Club Captain before the AGM.


199X Not Legible

1996 Noel Kilmartin

1997 Dave & Adelade Graham

2000 Jim Webb

2001 Basil Shailer

2002 Bruce Lester

2003 Jurrian De Groot

2004 Alan Taylor

2005 John Wagstaff

2009 Ian Burrows

2010 BrianMcPherson

2011 Theo DeLeeuw-Arnold Lincoln

2012 Chris Torr