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MORRIS 10-4 Series 1 BARN FIND                 

This is rare opportunity to acquire a genuine 1931 Morris 10-4 in original condition.  The car has been parked up for many years and still has the yellow number plates from the early 1960s.  It was running then when it was driven into storage.  The first photo was at this time.

The paint is original, there is little visible rust and the car is complete right down to the original motor meter and front mounted horn, both iconic features of this popular model.  It comes with the customary dents and scratches consistent with a 1931 car in original used condition.  The interior is also original but for the addition of a painted dash and axminster carpet.  The original ownership papers come with the car so it will be easy to re-vin.

The car was used for traffic control in the Thames area before the former owner acquired it.  The former owner is desceased and the family want to pass the car to someone who will restore it to roadworthy condition and use it. It will need to be trailered away as it is not running at present and the condition of the brakes is unknown.

The Morris 10-4 Series 1 is strong car that was known for its reliability.  It was a popular model that saw both commercial use and as a car suitable for a family. It anchored Morris’ postion in the 10HP market and built a reputation that ensured patronage through the Series 2, Series 3, Series M, and eventually the Series MO.

The car is located in Ngatea. The owner is in Tauranga.

Offers over  NZ$500 will be considered.

Contact Helly Dalgety, email


“I live in Solomon Islands but own a 1960s? Morris Minor Traveller kept in a garage in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland. It was bought in Fiji where all the wood was replaced with local wood using genuine measurements. I ran it there daily for five years. It was brought to NZ in 1993 and ran from the harbour to the garage. It was immediately put up on blocks and has not moved since!! I am looking to sell as is. Viewing can be arranged.

Offers near NZ$4,000 will be considered.

Contact Bob Macfarlane, email

MORRIS EIGHT PROJECT                         

“Boris” is an early  1937 Series 1 Morris Eight Two Door Saloon that was purchased by the current owner in 1988. He was imported into New Zealand in 1996.  The serial number is S1E/121660 and the UK Reg No. was AGB408.  The original data plate is attached and the chassis number matches the data plate.  NZ inspection papers are included in a comprehensive file of documentation.  Boris has been restored at least once previously and motored in UK and NZ.  He is currently undergoing a second restoration which is yet to be completed.  All parts are available to complete the work. 

His original engine has been removed and replaced with a special build engine incorporating a side valve Morris Minor short block fitted with Morris Eight parts to fit the car.  The engine was running well when removed from the car.  It is fitted with the standard three speed gearbox.  The original engine is not available.  Boris originally had the sun roof option but this appears to have been removed but the drains are still fitted. He still has his “home market” 17 inch wire wheels.

Boris is accompanied by a friend.  He comes with an early 1936 Series 1 Morris Eight Two Door Saloon S1E/98750.  This car also comes with the original data plate, matching chassis, and parts in boxes.  Boris’ friend was purchased as a parts car and includes some Series 2 parts. The plan was to use the body from this car to replace Boris’ body which has more rust.  This car could also be the basis for a second restoration.

These cars are to be sold as a package.  Located in Auckland Asking price is $3500.

Contact Helen Archer, email