The McCarthy Cup

The McCarthy Cup is a silver plated cup. It was donated in 1995 by foundation members Alison and the late Shaun McCarthy. Originally the cup was awarded as a Ladies Award but since then it has been used as a Club Captain’s Award. 

The McCarthy Cup

The McCarthy Cup will be awarded to any member who wins the nominated one day event during the Club year and the nominated event and its specification is to be determined by the Club Captain each year.

Each recipient will hold the Trophy for one year and return it to the Club Captain in good condition before the AGM.

Recipients 1995 L Gardiner
1996 Elaine Churchill
1997 Alison Bartram
1998 Merle Hoseason
1999 Merle Hoseason
2000 Nannette Milburn
2001 Dave Waters
2003 Dallas Denby
2004 Dallas Denby
2005 Carolyn Colquhoun
2006 Sherryll Hodgetts
2007 Dallas Denby
2008 Robyn Hislop
2009 Robyn Hislop
2010 Carolyn Colquhoun
2011 Fiona Macgreggor
2012 Carolyn Colquhoun
2013 Dallas Denby
2015 Syd and Sherryll Hodgetts
2016 Basil and Adrienne Shailer

2017 Chris Torr