Activity Plan

Activities are planned at least one year in advance and updated at each committee meeting.  The plan includes a mix of day events and overnight events held monthly. We try to ensure that there is a minimum of three weeks between events and we avoid back-to-back overnight events.  Ideas for events are always welcome and can be submitted to any committee member.
The Annual Long Run is always held in the summer starting in late February and finishing in March. The event is held alternately in the North and South Islands.  Proposals for the Annual Long Run are submitted to the committee in at the conclusion of each event. The committee will evaluate the proposals, endorse the final proposal, appoint an organiser, and present the Long Run Plan at the AGM in June.

This is what the club is all about – member participation and camaraderie.

  • Please participate
  • Contact the Organiser
  • Wear your Name Tag
  • Share accommodation to reduce costs
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