Club Awards

Each year the club acknowledges the contributions that members make to club life by the presentation of trophies and awards.    The trophies and awards also form part of the legacy left by past members, some of who were foundation members.

The formal awards are presented each year at the Annual  General  Meeting  and cover many of the aspects of club life that members enjoy.

 We also have some more informal awards that are made from time to time.

We also have a number of archived awards.  These are awards that have been replaced, or are no longer awarded.  They form part of our history and each has a story that is recorded here for members and others to enjoy.

Taking Care of Awards

The holders of trophies and award are responsible for their safekeeping and maintenance.

Silver plated cups and tankards must be polished only with silver polish and a soft cloth. Abrasive cleaners including Brasso must never be used.

The pewter cup must only be cleaned with warm water and a little dish washing liquid. Rinse with clean water then dry and then polish with a clean soft cloth.  Do not use metal polish.

Wooden and glass trophies must be cleaned with a warm damp cloth. Glass may be cleaned with glass cleaner and wooden parts polished with furniture polish.

The Red Breakdown Truck should be washed with warm water and dishwashing liquid then polished with car polish.